Shamanic, Reiki and Energy Healing Work

I offer energy healing, reiki, shamanic journey, Sacred Drum work as requested.  I work out of my office in Edmonds or from my home office.

Journey Work

I work with my Sacred Bear Drum to help a client with a shamanic journey  inside to connect with their spirits and help them achieve an overall energy healing event.

Reiki Work

If you are interested in having a Reiki appointment, give a call or email.  I am a shamanic reiki master practitioner.

Are you a medium or healer?

Lets talk about how a Sacred Wakan Drum would provide additional levels of connection with Spirit as you work with your clients.  Lets talk about a drum for you, and I will teach you how to use it to journey and to expand your spirit connection.

Make your Own Drum with me

If you feel the calling to make your own drum, I would be honored to teach and assist.  Lets talk about what you are seeing.  Cost would be an additional 100.00 to the price of the drum.

Drum Circles with Sacred Drums

I enjoy bringing my Mother Drum and a few of the sacred drums to drum circles so people can experience these amazing drums.  The drum circle event can include journey work or other energy healing.  Lets talk about what I can do to bring these sacred drums to you and your friends.