Our Logos Explained


Bell/Dorje - Tree of Life - White Buffalo with the Bear and Raven

My logo is a combination of two logos that together represent my work as a healer.

This circle logo represents three core aspects of myself and my work.  The Bell/Dorje is a link to the Tibet Buddhism, the Tree of Life or the World Tree is Yggdrasil and the White Buffalo honors the White Buffalo Calf Woman.  All of these I have deep ties into and they are deeply connected parts of my drums and work. 


The Bear and Raven Logo was created by Sue Frank Coccia and can be seen in her catalog of amazing art work at https://earthartinternational.com .  Please visit her web site and be amazed.  She was very kind giving  me permission to use the Bear and Raven as my logo as we had met her  several years ago and she was interested in supporting my efforts.  She  choose the Bear and Raven  from her library and it fits so well. 

The  Bear is both my animal and my drum Freyja which is made from bear.  The  Raven is Sandy as her Guide was a Crow/Raven and one of her legs is  inside the Bear marking the close integration of our life lines, the  deer represents the the lashing strips on the reverse side of the drum,  the wolf/coyote represents both the western direction and the personal  power animal added by Sharon who assisted with making the drum.  The  tree represents the Tree of Life (Yggdrasil), the Owl represents Nicole,  Sandy's best friend and other traits, the serpent is the Winds of the  South, the Eagle is of the East, the Hummingbird is the North direction  or as I see it the Lodge of the Elders.  The dragonfly has meaning and  was there when the drum was formed.  So, believe as you will, but our  logo has deep meaning for me.