3-7-2020 – Andrew - I discovered Chuck online as I was looking for guidance on my  first drum and went to meet with him and see his drums. In a word -  amazing. Chuck has an immense knowledge and wisdom in bringing these  drums to the world. Chuck shared about his path and how the drums are a  reflection of that path. Read about his path in The Drum Maker section  on his site. There is healing and energy in the drums. I was given the  opportunity to sit and hold Freyja and the energy coming from the drum  connected immediately with my heart. There was no mistake about it. Have  never had that happen before. I also was able to meet Story Stick (the  flute). Again – such a great vibration and energy. Thank you Chuck for  the time and wisdom that you shared. Your work is simply amazing and I  know that each drum will bring deep healing to everyone it encounters. 

9/16/2019  Here is a very nice comment from one of the drum makers that love my  frames... "Out of the box powerful!  I make spirit drums to be a  connection tool  for people to the spirit realms. Each time a drum is  played with  intention the power of the drum grows and its medicine gets  stronger.   

The Wakan drum frames provide an incredible energy so that  even a newly  created drum has powerful medicine that you can feel an  immediate  connection to your heart center the moment you pick it up.  It is the  emotion in your prayers and intentions when you play  a drum that carry  the prayers to spirit and these frames open your  heart up for a true  emotional connection to other realms. These are  truly special and I am  honored any time i am asked to create a drum  with a Wakan frame.
Aaron Twin Bear Houtman
Cosmic Earth Medicine 

 7/29/19 - Testimonial from a drum maker:  "Hello! My client loved the  drum: ) your frame makes the quality of sound so beautifully rich...They  truly sound wonderful. I attached a pic of how it came out, albeit a  top view.  As you know, I’m not into painting drums, but this one really  wanted it..."  Andrea Berry -  Drum Birther, Shamanic Practicioner9/16/2019 - 

May 15, 2019

Janet Hendrickson

I  highly recommend Chuck Wilson of Shamanic Reiki Center. I consulted him  regarding an area of loss I'd been struggling with for years, and  experienced immediate and powerful healing as a result of his work. Even  better, a week or so later I used a technique I learned from him to  enable equally potent healing in another area of my life. Those events  took place five months ago, and the problems/hurt areas have not  re-manifested. Chuck is very down-to-earth and non-dramatic, but  connects with very potent allies. If I ever need deep spiritual healing  again I will definitely arrange another session with him.

March 2019
Lizabeth Masonholder

Just  a quick review.. Wanted to say thank you for the wonderful journey.  Went to all four corners to return home to the table to feast with my  soul family. Was a beautiful walk. Freyja is amazing also, she  definitely has her own heart beat, thank you for sharing your story and  your gifts. Your an amazing light and gift to this planet. Thank you

October 21, 2018


I  had the pleasure of working with Chuck at Shamandome 2018. We saw  dozens of people and I was impressed again and again with the healing  medicine held within the drum Freyja. Often it was enough for someone to  simply hold the drum to their heart, and the channels would open for  deep true healing. Freyja was an integral part of this process, and  Chuck, as her keeper, is a gentle powerful healer in his own right.
Blessings to you and your work!

October 2, 2018

Annette F-J

Creator of Sacred Vessels + Sacred Space

I met Chuck unexpectedly while visiting the Shaman dome at the 2018 Burning Man
festival this year. 

After discovering our meeting was probably not happenstance,

I had the opportunity to experience the powerful energy and healing of his drum 

While holding the heart centered drum to me, I felt instantly connected and energized,
and a clarity rose deep inside me of something I had been grappling with for a long
time. The drum conduits spiritual healing to those who embrace her. 

September 26, 2018

Rasa - Third Degree Usui Reiki Practitioner

It's  in his resonant, comforting's in his profoundly unguarded,  loving's in his beating, bear-hug of a drum Freyja.  Together, they shift you. 

My dear friend Chuck, his guides, and Freyja - they show you....they hold and heal you....  

You  come away with new connections to old understandings. Connections that  make sense of past relationships to those in the world and to those gone  over. Connections that rid you of old trauma, as well as connections  that reinforce your gratitude to past blessings. In short, connections  that sooth your worry, make sense of the present, and clarify your  path. 

In the five years since I've known Chuck, I've seen him  evolve into an ever more generous, vulnerable, brave, humble man.  He's  accepted his role as healer in the world with a grace far beyond  expectation for one who has seen as much change and experienced as much  loss and pain as he has. He is here to help....and make that "to Help"  with a capital "H"! You can express your deepest fears to Chuck and  always be met with unflinching calm, kindness, and a thoughtful  interpretation that is unexpectedly, wholly relieving. 

During my  times with Chuck sharing Reiki, and even before he had put  Shamanic structure around his gifts and brought Freyja into this world,  I've always experienced major specific shifts in my energy system.  Something about Chuck's focused, heart-centered attention engaged my  trust and confirmed my safety enough for me to allow myself to journey  and experience pent-up emotion, minds-eye visions, and deep release.  Through these came the understandings that enable me move forward in my  life with new self-assurance and resolve. 

And now with  Freyja....holy moly! addition to Chuck's perceptive nudges, a  second resonant, deep voice beats! In Chuck's steady hands, Freyja  creates a penetrating resonance in which my Heart is joyfully rent open  and comforted - ready for my own inspection, and ready, right there and  then, to accept healing from Source in the form of new installations -  energetic downloads which repair it's broken connections and layers that  were laying dormant waiting for a kind hand.  Simply put, in my times  with Chuck and Freyja, my Heart is always transformed.

I trust my life and my Heart to them both. You can too. 

September 21, 2018
Richard "Einstein" Green - Shamandome

"Chuck  performed a marvelous one-minute manipulation on me with his  extraordinary drum, which instantly transported me to a seminal event in  my childhood and reminded me that bringing happiness to others comes  from my being happy."

2017/Robin Romeo
Shamanic Practitioner, Seattle WA
Center for Light body Healing

"It  is with great warmth and assurance that I recommend Chuck as a reiki  and energy healing practitioner. I have known Chuck since 2015, when he  first spoke to me about feeling and sensing energies. He has fully  embraced that part of himself and that longs to bring healing to others.  I know he has spent the better part of two years caring for his late  beloved friend Sandy during her fight with cancer. I know this  experience has deepened his ability to heal and understand other’s pain.

In working with me as a student, I have no question about Chuck’s connection to the spirit world and his abilities. 
I encourage him to bring his energy healing out into the world and for others to experience his gentle and caring nature." 

May, 2016
Jonathan Hammond

You  are a sensitive and potent healer, and it was an honor to have you with  us.  (referencing Shamanic Reiki I/II Training - Port Townsend, WA)   

August, 2015
Kathy (Kenmore)
Chuck's  reiki helped me tremendously!  He was kind, patient and compassionate.   After the reiki I felt a connection to my spirit I hadn't felt before, a  deeper understanding of who I am, and an overwhelming sense of peace.   What a gift.  Highly recommend!