Welcome to Wakan Drums

Welcome to Wakan Drums

Welcome to Wakan DrumsWelcome to Wakan DrumsWelcome to Wakan Drums

Sacred Drums Honoring the Trees, Tribes, Cultures and Beliefs Worldwide - Hand Crafted Shaman Drums

About Us

Our Drums and Mission

 Wakan drum frames (sacred frames) are created with 18 to 20 (or more) tree species considered sacred by various Tribes, shamanic and spiritual beliefs from around the world and from the distant past. The combined sacred wood gives each finished drum additional voice, brings in powerful spirit links, vibrations, healing intent, grounding, ancestral ties and innumerable spiritual gifts that are not in the standard maple or cedar drum frames 


My vision is to provide sacred drums that will spread as many spirit voices and healing into as many hands around the world as possible. These new drum keepers can further spread the drum healing magic to their circle of people and so on into the future. Our frames honor the many that have followed, are following and will be following their spirit path.

Wakan Drums as Spirit Gateways  Drums and drum frames that are birthed are powerful and compassionate spirit gateways for the linked spirits to work directly with the person holding a drum without having the need for an intermediary.   I speak from experience as I am the keeper of the sacred drum Freyja, which is a sacred bear drum that I use when I am working with clients.

The Medicine Wheel layer of the frame represents the Sioux Medicine Wheel to honor White Buffalo Calf Woman and the Tribes around the world, current and past. Medicine Wheel layouts have many variations. In general, I followed much of the Sioux tradition but created it with my vision and intent to represent The Tree of Life (Yggdrasil) with as many of the sacred woods which are considered to be the Tree of Life by other cultures.


Quadrants of the Wheel:

The North East is represented by the Alaskan Yellow Cedar. (yellow)

The South East is represented by the Aspen, which is actually true Poplar. (white)

The Southwest quadrant is made from Purpleheart or Black Walnut. (black)

The Northwest quadrant is made from Yew or Purpleheart. (red)

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